There was a student Takao who was not attending school for nearly a year in the class that Rin, the teacher, was in charge of. Rin, who felt that his situation was his responsibility, attended Takao's family visit with his colleague and husband's teacher, Junichi. However, Takao's house was a burrow of men who run villainy yakuza. Rin, whose eyes are on the face, is built by Takao and his family, and is obsessed with sexual activity in front of Keiichi's eyes ...教師であるりんが担任をしているクラスには、1年近くも不登校の生徒・孝雄がいた。彼が陥っている状況は自分の責任であると感じていたりんは、同僚で夫の教師・圭一に付き添われ、孝雄の家庭訪問へ向かう。しかし孝雄の家は極悪のヤクザ稼業を営む男達の巣窟だった。その美貌に目を着けられたりんは、孝雄とその家族達から組み敷かれ、圭一の目の前で延々と濃厚な性行為に堕とされる……。