"despite the fact that we're inside the summer season vacations, each parents had been with us for a long time and we have been no longer capable of carry them everywhere, so if we all went to a chum of mine with such pals, He informed me a remarkable kamiyou phrase so I actually got here to stay with my recollections of summer vacation.It train me the play of adults, Kenbo mama started out to see us. "「僕たちは夏休みなのに、お父さんもお母さんもずっとお仕事でどこにも連れてってもらえないでいたのです。そしたら、そんなお友達同士みんなをケン坊のマ マが?ウチに泊まりにおいで?って超カミな一言を言ってくれたので、ホントにみんなで夏休みの思い出にお泊りに来たのです。オトナの遊びを教えてあげるっ て、ケン坊のママはジロジロ僕たちを見始めて―。」