To my best friend "Satomi" is working hospital girlfriend, it had to be hospitalized with clinical survey of two nights and three days. Large approaching and Satomi of nurses in the physical examination! Will be involuntarily erection, I thought either angry Ya curious to me Ji ○ port. Around the time everyone was asleep, Satomi, just the two of us in the middle of the night in the hospital room! Hospital SEX in secret to her! It will drowning in naughty relationship as long as 3 days ....僕のカノジョの親友「サトミ」が働く病院へ、2泊3日の人間ドックで入院することになった。身体検査で看護師のサトミと大接近!思わず勃起してしまい、怒られるかと思いきや僕のチ○ポに興味津々。皆が寝静まった頃、真夜中の病室でサトミと二人きり!カノジョには内緒で院内SEX!3日限りのイケナイ関係に溺れてしまい…。