[Theme] The plan is to go to a pub at the end of the last train, call out to girls who are still drinking to hear the girl's troubles and human patterns, and finally aim to take it home. ● Today's drink ⇒ Aya-chan 1 This time planning starts in Ikebukuro. Hashigo liquor starts until morning with a voice of the two-man beauty sitting in the second seat! 2 How many times the “friend” word has been sent to a friend whose friend has become a friend! ? When I listen to my occupation, I can not go to high school from the age of 16 and I have been working from a part-time job at a hairdresser for six years! 3 Continue to drink with the exposure story of the boyfriend who has been associated with customers and experience (lol) to the second in Norinori. A big exposure of sex discussion in private room tavern of 4 Japanese style taste! The story is pretty stupid, such as 3P and dad life! ! It's morning outside if you notice. Farewell in front of the store in pairs 52 people! It was good to be able to take home with you too. Let's get some sex with you in the morning too! ! 6 Slender body and another neko is smashedly beautiful in the H cup piesli 69 and doero nagome on parade of service ♪ Hundred in the bewitching waist use that the beauty of one hundred battle refinement weaves blown away! ★ drink 結果 results 美人 beauty beautician × busty = erotic. It is an equation that will surely make you do it! !【テーマ】この企画は終電終わりに居酒屋に行き、まだまだ飲んでいる女の子に声をかけ女の子の悩みや人間模様を聞き、最後はしれっとお持ち帰りを目指す企画。●本日の飲んだくれさん⇒あやちゃん①今回は池袋で企画開始します。2件目の席に座っていた2人組の美女に声をかけて朝までハシゴ酒開始!②友達の友達が友達になった友達って『友達』ワードが何回でてきた!?職業を聞くと16歳から高校も通うこともなく、バイトから美容院に働く経歴6年のツワモノ!③お客さんとのお付き合い経験とか付き合ってきた彼氏の暴露話でお酒で進む(笑)ノリノリで2件目へ。④和風テイストの個室居酒屋でセックス談義を大暴露!3Pやパパ活などなかなかヤバいお話が!!気が付けば外は朝。⑤2人づつペアで店の前でお別れ!相方もお持ち帰り出来てよかった。こっちも朝一セックスとイキましょうか!!⑥スレンダーボディを弄るともうアソコはビショビショ♪Hカップのパイズリにパイパンが綺麗に輝く69とドエロなご奉仕のオンパレード♪百戦錬磨の美人が織りなす妖艶な腰使いに酔いが吹っ飛んだ!★飲んだくれ結果⇒美人美容師×巨乳=エロい。必ずヤレちゃう方程式です!!