Three days have passed since my wife left home because of a trifle couple quarrel. Due to the approach of the large typhoon seen rarely in recent years, I was already worried more than anger. Several hours later, the chime rang. When I opened the door of the entrance door with a feeling of divergence suppressed, Tsubasa who was a wife's sister who was wet but not a wife was standing. It was her who cared about me, but «glossy wet hair ... rain water dripping from jeans ... from wet wet underwear» I could not take my eyes off.些細な夫婦喧嘩で妻が家を出てから3日が経った。近年まれにみる大型台風の接近により、僕はすでに怒りよりも心配が強くなっていた。それから数時間後、チャイムが鳴った。逸る気持ちを抑えて玄関のドアを開けると、妻ではなくビショ濡れになった妻の妹・つばさちゃんが立っていた。僕の事を気遣いやって来た彼女だったが、≪艶やかに濡れた髪の毛…ジーパンから滴る雨水…濡れ透けた下着≫から僕は、目を離すことが出来ずに…。