"Oh, my wife ... I am hitting! That's right, I am regular staff! Ai Mimi, a housewife who started working as a master of a bushy shrine in a super public bath, is still a newcomer who has just begun an angel! Because I am unfamiliar it will keep me caressing my chest all the time! Erection is unavoidable if wrapped in a crowded young woman's breast! Aiimi who did not notice because he worked hard at the beginning was also unable to keep an eye on decacins that once got into sight! The two who came to be conscious of each other eventually crossed the line!『お、奥さん…当たってます!』そ、そうなんです常連さん!スーパー銭湯でアカスリ師の仕事を始めた主婦のあいみさんはまだアカスリを始めたばかりのド新人!不慣れなのでついつい胸を押し当ててしまいます!若妻のたわわな胸に包まれたら勃起は不可避!初めは仕事に一生懸命で気付かなかったあいみさんも一度視界に入ったデカチンから目が離せない!お互いを意識するようになった二人は、やがて一線を越えてしまう!