Yu Shinoda who was a daughter of a young lady in Tokyo who used to dream of a country life from a long time ago. In order to live in the countryside of a wishful life, we got to know the man in the country living by shaking the parents' stillness and participating in the city con. However, the country living where it was a dream is a very serious work of a field work one thing. Farmers who came close to us with friendly kindness were preparing aphrodisiacs so that they could have a fresh and seemingly decaly wife's anal.昔から田舎暮らしを夢見ていた都内の令嬢の娘であった篠田ゆう。念願の田舎暮らしをするため、親の静止を振り切り街コンに参加して田舎暮らしの男と知り合 いゴールイン。しかし、夢だった田舎暮らしは畑仕事ひとつとっても大変の連続。そこに親切なフリをして近づく農家連中は、新鮮でうまそうなデカ尻妻のアナ ルを頂けるように媚薬を用意していたのであった…。